The site between E42, the access to the industrial area Strépy-Bracquenies, Le Roeulx and Binche was rebuilt from scratch. That maximizes the accessibility and flow of traffic on the road network.


The construction of two roundabouts and seven kilometres of linear elements accounts for 35,000 m² asphalt and 8200 m² concrete pavement. Within the surrounding work area of 220,000 m², 160,000 m³ of soil was moved. Three artworks optimize the pedestrian flow under the railway and the road traffic through a tunnel under the current network. The water feature in one of roundabouts is both aesthetic and functional, since it is also perfectly usable as a reserve for possible extinguishing works. 



SPW Direction Mons

Road complex and access roads of  Le Pont-Canal du Sart

1 102 000.00€